On our way to Maine!

The last few weeks have been crazy! Kristen finished her school year, we got married, and our house is all packed up and under contract. We’ve split up our earthly possessions between a 10’x10′ storage locker and a crawl space and are on the road with two backpacks, a cat, and a lot of food.

The drive thus far has been pretty straightforward, save an escape attempt by the cat at a rural McDonalds. No worries – she is still safely on her way to the Grandma Dee Kitty Hotel.

We want to thank everyone for being supportive (both emotionally and physically) as we start this adventure. We’ve found words of encouragement around every corner and couldn’t feel more loved. We hope you enjoy tagging along from the safety of your computer screens as we brave bugs, rain, bears, moose, mice, intermittent internet access, weird smells, and probably too much ramen.

Stay tuned! We know people are curious about pretty much everything, so feel free to comment with questions!

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